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24 Hour Emergency Service
Toll-Free: 1-844-VERIDIS (837-4347)


The Story of Veridis Plumbing & Heating

Veridis Plumbing & Heating was born in the summer of 2009, but it had been owner Corry Belcourt’s dream for many years before that to run his own plumbing company. He wanted to start a company that would be second to none in customer service, professionalism, and expertise, competing with leading plumbing companies in Victoria and beyond. In his 18 years in the plumbing, heating, and gas trades, he worked for many different contractors specializing in many different aspects of the piping trades. The experience and knowledge he has drawn from those companies has given him a framework of principles on which to build his company.

Just like the Veridis Plumbing & Heating tagline – “Reliable, Honest, Efficient” – suggests, Corry walks the talk. He is a journeyman plumber, gasfitter, and pipefitter with extensive experience in the piping sub trades as well. He began his apprenticeship in 1992 with his father’s company of plumbers in Duncan, BC, Belco Mechanical Sales & Services Ltd., and has since worked all over western Canada building his experience and knowledge in the plumbing and gas trades. In 2003 Corry’s son Paul was born and he is the apple of his father’s eye.

Paul often talks about being a plumber when he grows up so he can be “just like dad”. If that happens, Paul would be a fourth generation plumber, as Corry’s father and grandfather both had successful careers as plumbers. Corry also has an uncle in Manitoba who is a plumber, so the trade definitely runs deep in the family. Corry’s experiences at work and with life in general have taught him that honesty, integrity, and honor are extremely important qualities. He lives his life aspiring to improve his character by adhering to those virtues. So, anytime you deal with Corry or his business, you will know that he is the real deal. He cares about his customers, his community, and the environment that sustains us all.

Value Statement

You can rely on the team at Veridis for dependable service and value with every job. Our mission is simply to perform at our best, for all our customers, every day. That begins the moment you call, with a courteous greeting, prompt attention, and reliable service at a competitive cost.

We believe in sustainable environmental practices, which is why we recycle most of the materials we replace on a service call or remove from a construction site. All our discarded office materials are recycled and we even use washable plates and cutlery at company functions! We promote green technology and believe it is the future of the plumbing, heating, and gas industries.

At Veridis, you can be sure of fair, consistent pricing. Our prices are an accurate reflection of our actual labour, material, and overhead costs. We never “size up” our customers or increase our prices when demand peaks. The only variation is a fixed discount for service agreement holders. We believe in the value of a loyal workforce, which is why all our servicemen and women are paid fairly and enjoy full benefits. They are never paid a commission, nor do they receive bonuses for increased sales.

Of course, we guarantee all our work, which is why we use only the highest quality materials. That means brand name repair parts, domestic pipe and fittings, and other materials that often exceed the quality required by codes.

We are a family-owned business, and we are also members of the communities in which we work. We value our customers greatly, we appreciate your business, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Our Team 

Our certified plumbing, heating and gas experts belong to the FortisBC Trade Ally Network and we stand behind all of our work; we’re proud to be known as one of the top plumbing companies in Victoria and across Vancouver Island. Our skilled and experienced journeypersons are certified plumbing and gas experts who will guarantee the highest quality service on every job.

Thank you for choosing Veridis Plumbing & Heating! 

Work Performed by Experienced Red Seal Certified Journeypersons

Red Seal Certified Quality & Experience

Work Performed by Experienced Red Seal Certified Journeypersons