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Happy Customers

We’re so grateful for our customers and strive to provide you with exceptional service on every single job. Here’s what some of our happy customers have to say about their experience with Veridis Plumbing & Heating:

Now this is a company that delivers fast and efficiently, they are great at what they do and are reasonably affordable. Thanks, guys!

Joe Kuttai, Duncan, BC

I am writing to highly recommend the services of Veridis Plumbing & Heating. I first met their plumbers as a real estate client a couple of years ago. I took note of their extensive knowledge of plumbing and heating and have requested and utilized their services on several occasions for clients, all with extremely positive feedback about Veridis’ service and expertise. Veridis is extremely professional, personable and reliable.

I trust their work 110% and would not hesitate to continue to recommend their services in the future to anyone who is in need of plumbing or heating services. Veridis Plumbing & Heating is not only thorough, but also quick to respond to my inquiries and always willing to take the time to discuss concerns and answer any questions that I or my clients may have. Their knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail and state-of-the-art technology place Veridis Plumbing & Heating, at the top of my list of recommended contractors. Thanks Veridis, keep up the great work!

Lisa Hales, REALTOR®

I called Veridis Plumbing to install plumbing for a new bathroom in my basement. They answered and returned all my phone calls promptly and courteously. When they arrived, they were competent, well prepared and explained all the options available to me. They arrived to do the work when scheduled, were professional, thorough and neat. The price Veridis quoted was fair and accurate, there were no hidden costs or fees. Based on my experience with Veridis Plumbing I would highly recommend this company to anyone. In fact, when I build my own home I plan on hiring Veridis to do all the work. I was very impressed with the quality of service.

Lee-Ann Bertrand, Duncan, BC


Veridis Plumbing & Heating came over to fix a toilet leak that had gone into the floorboards. They came when he said they would, fixed everything promptly and cleaned everything up so you couldn’t even tell there was a problem in the first place. They were courteous and professional, and I highly recommend Veridis Plumbing!”

Will Gendemann, Duncan, BC

Corry Belcourt is not simply a journeyman plumber. He’s also an ambitious and highly motivated entrepreneur with a clear vision for the future of his business. He brings expertise, high standards, and a meticulous approach to every aspect of his work. At the same time, he’s approachable, friendly, and straightforward. Corry has always been reliable, doing excellent work in minutes–even with my five year old son’s head stuck under the sink right beside him! If you are looking for plumbers who take their work and customers seriously, then Veridis are the plumbers for you.

Liz Wolfe, Duncan, BC

To whom it may concern RE: Veridis Plumbing Cory and the team at Veridis Plumbing & Heating have once again promptly answered our residential household needs in both areas of plumbing and heating with a degree of professionalism and courtesy rarely seen these days. Regardless of the problems in plumbing and heating they were both knowledgeable, quick to respond and fix the problem, providing us with safe solutions with their attention to detail in gas and plumbing safety. I would strongly recommend them in their specialty trades areas. All members of the Veridis team seem to share the same attitude towards customer complete satisfaction.

Geoffrey A. Evans, M.Sc., P.Eng

Super friendly, professional, fast service. Even for small projects I have been putting off. I would highly recommend Veridis Plumbing & Heating.

Amanda Dawn

A big shout out and thank you to Veridis Plumbing. Awesome service. Speedy, efficient and tidy! Very impressed.

Laila Pera

Corry helped me out when my tenants had no water. He was there in under 10 minutes and had it fixed 5 minutes after he walked in. Polite and courteous, super-efficient and knowledgeable. So grateful for the 24-hour service at 6:00pm on a Sunday night!

Michelle Porter

Fast, clean, pro service! Strongly recommend to anyone!

Matthew Bowman

Veridis installed my new dishwasher and fixed a leaky sink. He showed up on time (yay!) and did the work quickly despite a “surprise” or two along the way. Thanks!

Kim Shlieper

After moving to Mill Bay in 2012, I was on the lookout for a reliable local plumber. My partner and I firmly believe in supporting local businesses in the community where we live. I noticed a clean Veridis van in the brand new development to which we had moved and noted the phone number printed on the side of it. Since we would have to have our on-demand water heater annually serviced I decided to take a chance and call Veridis to set up an appointment.

Take a chance!!?? No siree! We struck ‘gold’. Not only is Veridis “Reliable-Honest-Efficient” as they advertised; they are skilled, on budget as quoted (reasonable and no overruns), on time as scheduled, clean, tidy, respectful of the property and home, polite, friendly and totally personable. Corry and/or Mike, who also attended some of the jobs, are totally patient and attentive to questions and take the time to clearly answer them. The job is clearly outlined and explained beforehand. As well, Corry always does follow-up on jobs to be reassured that the customer is happy and satisfied. Couldn’t ask for more.

With our on-demand water heater serviced; we subsequently had Corry install a GREAT Kinetico dechlorinator and water softener system in our home-what a treat: no more shower scum, stained toilets, sinks & dishwasher; superb for laundry, and great on the skin when showering. Then we had two toilets (two that the builder had installed) removed and replaced with new fixtures recommended by Corry. Each job was beautifully and cleanly executed in every detail including removal and disposal of parts and packing.

We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Veridis Plumbing & Heating to anyone looking for absolutely professional, reliable, efficient service and quality workmanship.

Roger J. Ofield & E.J. Rayner, Mill Bay

Veridis Plumbing & Heating Ltd. recently installed a new natural gas driven hot water boiler (replacing the old antiquated one) in my downtown business building (two story). I found the owner, Corry Belcourt, to be very knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of my building. I received a quote for the job which was exactly the final amount paid. The installation was excellently done. His installer, Mike, was very experienced and his workmanship was excellent too. The project was carried out over 2 – 3 weeks which suited us to work around the tenants of the building when there was a need to make excessive noise. I am happy to recommend Veridis Plumbing & Heating Ltd. for installation work of this type and talk to others who are contemplating such work.

Dr. Stephen Faulkner, Duncan, BC

I usually do not write many of these, nevertheless, I am pleased to say a few words about Veridis Plumbing & Heating, Ltd. as they truly exceeded any expectation I had for them regarding quality of work, tidiness, and, amazingly, the total cost of Veridis goods and services that ended up being under budget during my various renovations. This is not an easy thing to do when one expects perfection from a service provider. I do not consider myself a stuffy elite, it is just that I spent a good part of my late 20’s, my 30’s, my 40’s, and a titch of my 50’s buying and flipping houses. I have learned over the years to recognise what real quality in workmanship looks like. Sometimes in the middle of it all with multiple service providers about, perfection can feel as rare as hen’s teeth until real quality shows it’s bright face.. Some houses in my past required more work than others. When I finally found my forever house in Mill Springs Village in Mill Bay, I realised that for it to actually be the ‘forever house’ some changes needed to be made. A large change was to move the washer and dryer from the middle of the house where the builders, for reasons unknown, had put it, and into the garage with a much shorter dryer vent to the out of doors. I also wanted it stackable for efficiency’s sake. I could have called a few firms but the first I chose from the yellow pages book (yes, the actual paper book) was Veridis. Corrie Belcourt of Veridis came to the house and gave a complimentary estimate, explained what was involved in the process, and the cost of services for the first hour and each subsequent hour. As I had experienced this with at least two house flips, I sat down with paper and pencil to estimate what I thought would be the total cost. I thought it would take a day and a half. I could not have been more wrong. The work was completed in just under one full work day and by late afternoon the plumbing and electrical had been masterfully worked. The washer and dryer were now stackable and in a corner of the garage with the dryer vent only needing just under three feet to vent out of doors. They cleaned up any mess they made and they were off, explaining that the invoice would be sent by email. That was one month ago. An additional expectation of mine with Veridis was achieved that I needed a month to ascertain. I am pleased to report that as a result of their work, about 90% of the dust in this house, that I am convinced was a result of the dryer’s previous location, has been eliminated. I also breathe a bit better upon rising in the morning. I have recommended Veridis to my neighbours who have noticed a positive change in the air quality of this house and I am most pleased to write these lines. Thank you, Veridis Plumbing & Heating, Ltd.

Michael King St.Clair

January 21, 2017 was a usual Saturday night except that my husband Shawn was away visiting his parents out of town. While getting the dogs ready to go out just after 9pm it looked like one of them had peed on the floor so I proceeded to clean up and realized that it was water coming out very slowly off the junction between the wall and the floor. At that moment, I really wished it was pee!

Took a while to realize that the water that was pooling behind the wall was coming from the top of the water heater. With Shawn away and being so late, I called him for his opinion. He started texting Corry Belcourt, a plumber from Veridis Plumbing & Heating Ltd who said he was coming after getting some details about the issue and would be at my house in 30 minutes. He arrived when promised and figured out very quickly what the problem was and fixed it right away. Altogether he was here for 20 minutes!

Corry was very professional, quick and efficient. I really appreciate that he came so quickly on a late Saturday night and that he knew exactly what the problem was right away and fixed it promptly.

I would recommend Corry as a plumber without any hesitation to anyone in need of plumbing services.

Elizabeth O’Hara

My wife and I are currently renovating our back porch and laundry area and we contracted Corry Belcourt and Veridis Plumbing & heating Ltd for all of our plumbing and gas needs with regards to this which included:

1) Changing over from oil to gas heating, bringing natural gas from the other side of our road to our property, removing our old oil furnace and tank, as well as our old electric hot water tank, and installing a new combination boiler that heats our water and our home.

2) Installing our older washer and dryer plus a new laundry sink in our garage.

What can I say about Corry and his team? From the moment I explained our needs to Corry he provided us with the advice and service we needed to get exactly what we needed, from making the phone calls necessary to have FortisBC install our gas line practically for free, to providing us with a new top of the line combination boiler, and then ensuring we would get a massive rebate on the boiler that we were eligible for, all with literally zero effort on our part.

Corry’s team also had to contend with our renovation being a little disorganized, and we had to postpone and reschedule various parts of the job on numerous occasions. Not once did I ever feel this was a problem for Veridis as they simply took these hiccups in stride and continued to provide us with excellent service.

Our renovation has stalled for the moment, but when we are ready to install our new washer, dryer, toilet and vanity, I will without hesitation be calling upon Veridis for more of their honest, reliable and efficient service.

Jason Storie

Thank you for the great job installing our dishwasher. It has been such a pleasure to use thanks to your hard work. Happy to pass the message on to all our friends and family.

Wanda Baird, Shawnigan Lake

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Work Performed by Experienced Red Seal Certified Journeypersons