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Leak Detection

Leak detection

At Veridis Plumbing & Heating, we have the latest equipment, deep knowledge and the experience required to quickly and effectively locate an underground leak. We have an excellent success rate in finding broken water pipes and broken storm and sanitary sewers. Veridis plumbing specialists can help you save time and money by locating your water leaks, with all of our services backed by a quality guarantee.

Do you have high water bills? If you suddenly notice a significant increase in your water bill, it’s probably due to a leaking main. A neglected water leak can lead to a host of problems and send your hard earned money down the drain. We can locate most leaks from above ground, alleviating time-consuming and frustrating “blind” digs.

If you have pooling water or a sink hole in your yard, an unusually thick and lush patch of grass or vegetation, or you notice a significant decrease in water pressure or flow volume, chances are high that you’ve got an underground water leak.

We can also help with sewer backup or water dripping through the ceiling or a light fixture. Our plumbing specialists are well-equipped with the knowledge and tools required to detect and repair those pesky leaks and are available 24/7 in case of emergency.

Our tradespeople are trained in the installation and service of Phyn Plus leak detectors / automatic shut-off valves. This device uses high-definition pressure wave analysis to alert you the second a leak is detected, mitigate costly damage through automatic water shutoff, and teach you about your water use. This is an invaluable addition to your home which will help you monitor your water usage in real time, while also protecting your property from catastrophic water leaks.

Call us in the Showroom at 250-856-0718 for more information on Phyn Plus water leak detection products and our other top of the line plumbing supplies in Duncan, BC and throughout Vancouver Island.

Work Performed by Experienced Red Seal Certified Journeypersons

Red Seal Certified Quality & Experience

Work Performed by Experienced Red Seal Certified Journeypersons